International Children’s Visual Art Contest “ZurArt”

General position

These Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) define the procedure and regulations for holding the International Children’s Visual Art Contest “ZurArt”.

The founder and organizer of the Competition is the ZURART Association (Republic of Serbia).

Information about the contest is posted on the official website (hereinafter referred to as the Website).

The Organizer has the right to make any changes and additions to these Regulations by publishing them on the Website.


Encourage children and teenagers to engage in artistic activities. Support for young talents in the visual arts. Disclosure of individuality, initiative and creativity among children and adolescents.

Preserve and strengthen spiritual, moral, cultural and family values, historical memory, expanding knowledge of the history of the native land. Promote a healthy lifestyle.


Identification of the best works in the declared nominations.

Support for gifted and talented children.


  1. Family and Faith
  2. The world of my home
  3. My land’s nature
  4. Chronicle of times
  5. O Sport, you are Peace!
  6. A look into the future


International Children’s Visual Art Contest “ZurArt”, held among children and adolescents, is international and does not impose geographical restrictions on the registration of participants.

Age of participants

Children and youth from 7 to 19 years old can participate in the contest, divided into three age groups: from 7 to 10, from 11 to 14 and from 15 to 19 years.


To participate, have to register on the contest website on the registration page and upload an electronic copy of the work to the gallery.

When registering enter:

  • Full name
  • Birthday
  • Contact phone number (required for communication in case of reaching the final or winning)
  • Country
  • E-mail address (required for communication in case of reaching the final or winning)

After registration:

  • Fill some additional information about yourself in the “About” field
  • Do not forget to indicate your curator, if it have.

* information about the place and time of registration will be available later

Terms and stages of the Contest

* information terms and stages of the Contest will be available later

Works requirements

Works can be performed in all genres of visual art.

In the work can use any artistic material: watercolor, gouache, pastel, acrylic, oil, pencils, plasticine, clay, etc. on paper, canvas or cardboard, etc.

Technical requirements for works submitting

The application of the Participant who has not reached the age of majority was filled in by his legal representative (one of the parents, adoptive parent or guardian).

Also, the application for participation on behalf of the child, with the consent of the parent or legal representative, can be submitted by the Teacher.

One Participant can submit one work in each nomination.

From one Teacher, a huge number of works from different sources can be submitted from one e-mail, registration when registering a Participant.

By filling out the registration formula, the Participant or his legal representative agrees with the terms of the Contest.

Technical requirements for uploading works

In case of absentee form of participation, a photo in electronic form in JPG format, not less than 1Mb, more than 6Mb and not less than 150 dpi.

The format of the entries is no more than 60 cm on the larger side.

Together with an electronic copy of the work, the Participant provides his guarantees, as the sole author and copyright holder of the Work.

By posting the Work, the Participant and/or his legal representative (if applicable) consents to the Organizer to take any action regarding the personal data of the Participant and his legal representative (if applicable), without restrictions or reservations, within the framework of the Contest.

By posting the Work, the Participant and/or his legal representative (if avaliable) consents to the Organizer to take any action in relation to the transferred images, including processing the images of the Participant of the Contest and his legal representative (photo, video with or without sound), transfer of their images ( photo, video with or without sound) over the air and/or via cable, including rebroadcasting, bringing their images (photo, video with or without sound) to the public on the Internet, using the images of the Contest Participant and his legal representative (if avaliable) in advertising, as well as the implementation of any other actions, at the discretion of the Organizer, with personal data and images of the Contest Participant and his legal representative (if applicable) in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Serbia.

At the time the Participant and / or his legal representative (if avaliable) sends the Works and photographic materials to the Organizer, the Participant grants the Organizer, free of charge, the exclusive right to use the Work, a photo of the Work, a scan of the Work and other photographic materials.

Works and photo materials are accepted by the Organizer at the time of their uploading to the Organizer’s server.

The Participant permits the Organizer to use the Work (photo/scan) and photographs of the Participant with or without indicating the name of the author at the discretion of the Organizer.

The Participant guarantees that he is the sole author and copyright holder of the Work.

The Participant guarantees that the creation of the Work does not violate the intellectual, including copyright, and any other property or personal non-property rights of third parties, as well as no other violations of the current legislation of the Republic of Serbia.

The Participant is responsible for violation of the rights of third parties when creating the Work, materials received from the Participant, and their further use by the Organizer.

Each work will be checked for plagiarism. Conducted public and professional expertise. A work that has not passed the plagiarism check is withdrawn from participation in the Contest at any stage.


The composition of the jury of the Contest is determined by the Organizing Committee of the Contest.

The Jury perform an impartial expert evaluation of the Works submitted for the Contest (photo/scan copy) in accordance with the evaluation criteria.

Winners are determined by the highest total of votes received.

Works rating

Rate of the works of the Participants of the Contest in various nominations takes place in absentia (remote) forms on the terms of publicity and openness.

The jury rate and recommends children’s creative works in the amount of 200 works for the exposition of the international exhibition.

The competent International Jury consists of members of creative unions, artists, art critics, designers, representatives of public organizations.

Work rating criteria:

  • Originality and expressiveness of the composition
  • Imagery of artistic solution
  • Color and graphic culture
  • Technique and workmanship

Projecte executive list

Creation of an information portal for the Contest.

Organizational support and coverage of qualifying and other stages of the Contest in the countries participating in the Contest.

Providing information support for the Contest events.

Holding an exhibition of the Contest in Subotica.

Creation of a photo catalog with photo works of Participants of the finalists and/or winners of the Contest.